Japanese style deep fried chicken


I enjoyed cooking Japanese style fried chicken, Tatsuta-age, a home cooking dish in Japan, in this video. Rub the chicken well by hand to enhance the flavour and deep-fry for its crispiness. It’s great for a packed lunch as it’s tasty, even if it’s cold.

Ingredients (serves 4)

Chicken Thighs (boneless) 500~600g

Potato flour to coat the chicken pieces

(You can also buy potato flour at health shops or Oriental  supermarkets.)

Oil for deep-frying

4 Wedges of lemon

A (Marinade sauce)

Rice wine or White wine 3tbs

Japanese granular bonito stock 1tbs  (optional)

1tbs Ginger (grated)

1tbs Garlic (grated)

2 cloves Sesame oil

2tbs Oyster sauce

2tbs Soy sauce 2tbs


1. Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces and put in a bowl.

2. Add the marinade sauce (A), and then mix well by rubbing the marinade sauce into the chicken with your hand.

3. coated chicken pieces with potato flour  , and then deep-fry in oil at 170°c until golden-brown.


1. You can omit Japanese granular bonito stock if you don’t have it.

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