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Cod with Garlic and Lemon Sauce

Cod with Garlic and Lemon Sauce

This is a quick and easy main recipe. You only need to sauté floured fillets of cod and then heat up and pour a pre-mixed sauce, which has a well-balanced sweet and sour taste. The flavor of the garlic and the aroma of lemon makes this dish delicious and stylish.

Serve with mashed potato, which goes very well with cod, garnish with some mangetout, and then dinner is ready in no time!


Ingredients for 2

2 Fillets of cod (about 150g per fillet)

Salt and Pepper


2 tbs Olive oil


1 tbs lemon juice

Zest of 1 lemon

2tbs dry white wine (or rice wine if you have it)

1 clove of garlic, grated

2 tbs parsley, chopped

1 tbs soy sauce

2 tsp sugar

4 cherry tomatoes, quartered



  1. Cut the fillets of cod lengthways. Sprinkle salt and pepper and then dust with flour. You don’t need to cut the fillet if you prefer it that way.


  1. Mix all the ingredients in A.


  1. Heat the olive oil in a frying-pan and fry the fillets of cod on a medium high heat until browned. Place on serving plates.


  1. Pour A into the same frying-pan and heat up on a high heat until the sauce starts boiling. Pour the sauce over the cod fillets.



  1. Make sure the cod fillets are browned so that the surfaces are crispy.
  2. Preferably, use an organic unwaxed lemon for the zest. You can use a normal washed unwaxed lemon, if you don’t mind.


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