The Ultimately Tasty Celery with Garlic Sauce

I personally think this is the most delicious way to eat celery on Earth. Yes, the best in the world!

Celery tastes good and is inexpensive, so I usually get one when I go grocery shopping. However, celery is usually a main dish outcast and I haven’t had a celery dish which made me surprised about how tasty celery is from the bottom of my heart.

So, I decided to cast Mr. Celery as the main role on the dining table stage. Supporting role will go to Miss. Garlic. Enjoy the joint performance of the two talented ingredients yourself!

celery 1

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  1. This celery dish can be eaten soon after cooked, however it’s best to eat after 2 hours as the celery absorbs all the flavour.
  2. Use toasted sesame seeds instead of Bonito Flakes for a vegetarian and vegan friendly dish.

Topic: Something Smells Like Celery…

Japanese scientist Kikue Kubota and her fellow researchers studied what the subtle, yet distinct smell of celery is. The subject came up because they wondered why celery makes every soup taste better, despite the fact that these soups don’t have the taste of celery. After extensive experiments, they published a study entitled ‘Potent odorants characterize the aroma quality of leaves and stalks in raw and boiled celery’. The study explains that a compound called phthalides is what gives celery its unique smell, and guarantees an improved flavour. Oddly enough, the compound itself smells like celery, but doesn’t have a taste at all.

What’s more, a recent study showed phthalides can relax the muscles around our arteries, therefore, together with the diuretic effect of celery, it can lower blood pressure. Another compound behind the smell of celery called Apiin is said to have a calming effect.

Celery is full of antioxidants and eating celery has so many health benefits: lowering cholesterol, fatigue recovery, fighting cancer, and lots more. What are you waiting for? Let’s cook this recipe and eat lots of celery!

References: (Japanese)

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