Teriyaki Chicken Tomato and Vinegar Sauce

I love chicken thigh for Teriyaki chicken dish because it’s succulent and flavoursome. Once you debone them, they are easy to cook and can be enjoyed with many different sauces.

This recipe doesn’t require any special ingredients. You probably have them all in your fridge and cupboard.

You should pan-fry chicken thigh skin down. The oil from the skin is enough to fry themselves, and the skin becomes crispier. The sauce for this recipe is a good old teriyaki sauce with a twist. Add lots of tomato and spring onion to this tangy yet refreshing sauce.

Serve with boiled cabbage, which refreshes your palate and goes really well with the chicken. Obviously, the dish goes well with rice, making it a great obento dish.

If you prefer chicken breast to thigh, dust a fillet with a little flour at direction 1 below. This makes the chicken fillet soft and moist when cooked.

[cooked-recipe id=”899″]


To check if the chicken is cooked, poke it with a wooden skewer or a paring knife. If the juice runs clear, it is cooked. The cooking time varies depending on the size of the meat, however they’ll generally be in 4 to 5 minutes.

If you prefer chicken breast fillets, dust them with flour after you sprinkle salt and pepper. This process will lock the moisture in the fillets. Don’t overcook as they tend to become dry.

For an obento box, cook the sauce further until it thickens to prevent leakage.

Topic: Is chicken thigh fattier than breast?

I’ve heard some people prefer chicken breast to thigh because they are low in calories. But, is it true?

Well, 100g of chicken breast fillet has 108kcal whereas thigh has 200kcal. It looks like game over, doesn’t it? However, this is because breast is usually sold without the skin. Let me check thigh meat calories without skin. It’s only 116kcal, so there is not much difference in calories between breast and thigh.

Chicken fat is mainly present between the skin and meat, which makes separating fat and meat easier compared to other meats, like pork and beef. This recipe uses the chicken’s own fat to fry it and no added oil. So, wipe away any excess oil from the chicken and you can have a succulent chicken thigh dish relatively low in calories.

I must tell you that 100g chicken breast meat contains a mere 4.2g fat whereas thigh contains 11g – more than the double amount of breast. Therefore, it can be said that ‘chicken thigh is fattier than the breast’ is true. However, chicken fat is not all bad as it contains more unsaturated fat, especially monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid which helps to lower bad cholesterol, compare to other meats. Chicken thigh is rich in B Vitamins and powerful antioxidant selenium as well.

Chicken thigh and breast are both delicious and healthy if cooked properly. Choose whichever you prefer for this recipe, without having to worry too much about calories!

If you want to know the secret power of chicken breast, read topic 2 on This page


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