Spinach and Pine nuts with Honey Soy Sauce

I love spinach because of its lively green colour. It’s super nutritious, so I always want to eat lots of it! Blanching leaf vegetables is an easy way to eat them in quantity without losing its nutrition. I added pine nuts which is said to be great for fatigue recovery and nutrition supply. It’s a healthy treat for your body.

The spinach and pine nuts are seasoned with simply soy sauce and honey. There are only four ingredients to make this side dish, however the natural sweetness of the honey makes it something special.

[cooked-recipe id=”909″]


  1. Do not over boil the spinach. It loses its colour and nutrition when overboiled. Squeeze any excess water out from the spinach.
  2. Adding a little bit of salt in the boiling water will keep the spinach (and any other green vegetables)  bright and green while cooking.

Topic: Pine nuts

In China, pine nuts have been regarded as a super healthy food for a long time. Legend has it that, about 2000 years ago, a Chinese man called Akuzen who ate pine nuts every day became immortal. No wonder Chinese medical cooking often has pine nuts as an ingredient!

In recent Japan, pine nuts have come under the spotlight as a beneficial food, especially for women. Firstly, they are rich in iron, zinc and folic acid, therefore are expected to prevent or improve anaemia symptoms. Secondly, they also contain a good amount of vitamin A which is essential in keeping your skin and hair looking radiant and healthy. Last but not least, recent studies have revealed that Pinolenic Acid, a fatty acid exclusive to pine nuts, helps your body to produce a hormone called CCK which tells your brain to turn off ‘hungry mode’. It’s said that pine nuts make you feel full therefore are great if you’re trying to lose weight. Well, the researches are still ongoing, but we might hear good news pretty soon!

However, don’t gorge yourself on pine nuts! They are high in calories after all and sometimes leave a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. Remember, a moderate amount is always the best.

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