Hi everyone! I’m Yukari Elliott, a cooking expert and food writer.

I love cooking and feel happiest when my food makes people smile. I believe the power of tasty food that brings us the joy of living.

Do you know the secrets of how to be happier? Walks in a nature, being in a space surrounded by what you like, spending time with your friends and family; there are so many small pieces of happiness in our everyday lives. I try to find such happiness in the everyday, so I look forward each new day!

Your smile makes people around you happy, and their smiles make you much happier. Let’s find the small pieces of happiness in our everyday lives together.

I pay attention to having a balanced diet. I think it’s important to be aware of what nutrition each ingredient has, and how it contributes to our health and beauty.

I was born and bred in Japan where people take food seriously. We love simple cooking which brings the best from the ingredients, and appreciate seasonality. The Japanese traditional diet has been developed with these simple principles, therefore are largely fresh and unprocessed. Our traditional diet is said to be one of the healthiest, but it was developed well before we understood what a healthy diet was. In other words, our diet isn’t based on being healthy, but the enjoyment of the pure tastes of ingredients and seasonality.

I feel passionate about spreading the philosophy of the Japanese diet to the world. The recipes in this blog use only store cupboard ingredients as much as possible. Try cooking Japanese style food today!

Published books (Japanese)

  • Elliott Yukari no Simple na Gochisou (Elliott Yukari’s Simple Feast/Takarajimasha 2009)
  • Denki mo Gasu mo Tsukawanai Shiawase Recipes (No Electricity No Gas Recipes/Shufunotomo 2011)
  • Honto wa Oishii Igirisu Ryori (Actually Tasty English Dishes/Shufunotomo Dishes 2012)

Official Website

My Social Media



https://www.facebook.com/yukari.elliott (Japanese)


https://twitter.com/yelliottyy (Japanese)




https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOBOeLYjPAYgWUhox9aNLSQ (English Subtitles)

Websites I Contribute To


https://www.houzz.jp/pro/yukarielliott (Japanese)

Selector (Lifestyle Web Magazine)

https://selector-s.com/selector/detail?id=30 (Japanese)

Recipe Blog (Japanese Recipe Blog Website)

http://www.recipe-blog.jp/rensai/blog/elliott/ (Japanese)

http://www.recipe-blog.jp/rensai/blog/iccyan/ (Japanese)

A Taste of Britain Facebook Page (a website to promote British food organised by the Japan embassy)

https://www.facebook.com/oishii.igirisu (Japanese)

I’ve also contributed many essays and recipes to a variety of Japanese magazines.

My Events

I’ve undertaken many cookery and lifestyle events both in the UK and Japan.

Some examples of sponsors:

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, NHK Culture Centre, Hankyu Department Store, Seibu Department Store, Miller Harris, Cleanup Corporation, Transeuro, etc.

I’ve also conducted original cookery and lifestyle events including monthly cookery classes at my home.


Classic Flower Design Diploma (The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers)

Any enquiries, please use the contact form below.

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